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Mon 9th Dec 2019 - Smaller servo motors with more power from Kollmorgen. Available now from Gold Partner Micromech.

Micromech is proud to be Kollmorgen’s first UK partner to supply the AKM second generation servomotor!

Thu 5th Dec 2019 - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From everyone at Micromech

Tue 3rd Dec 2019 - Thomson's Movopart® MF-K rodless actuator

Provides guided linear motion through a ball screw drive and a saddle that rides along the top of the actuator to carry the load.

Tue 26th Nov 2019 - High-load Rodless Actuators Powering the Factory Automation Revolution

Article posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Tuesday 24th September 2019 on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Mon 18th Nov 2019 - Success story from Kollmorgen - Pipes cut to order

Cut to length in no time at all, with no shavings and hardly any burs: Kollmorgen Automation Suite injects some pace into metalworking

Wed 13th Nov 2019 - Wittenstein Galaxie - Superior on principle

When Wittenstein developed the Galaxie®, they took it upon themselves to subject drive concepts to a fundamental reassessment.

Mon 4th Nov 2019 - Thomson's Movopart MG-B rodless actuator

Designed to move light loads at medium application speeds with low friction for precise positioning

Wed 30th Oct 2019 - Choosing the Right Rotary Servo Feedback Device - Part 3

Article Posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Wednesday 31st July, 2019 on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Tue 22nd Oct 2019 - 30 Years of Micromech Systems

Micromech Systems was established in 1989 when it became clear that customers often required customisation or integration of the motion control products sold.

Mon 14th Oct 2019 - Success Story from Kollmorgen - Motion Control for intelligent hydraulics

KOLLMORGEN develops a standardized servo solution for fluids applications.

Mon 7th Oct 2019 - Thomson's Movopark MG-K rodless actuator

Designed with low cost in mind, high speed, thrust, and stroke length capabilities.

Mon 30th Sep 2019 - Potentially explosive environment?

View our range of explosion proof and ATEX rated motion control equipment.

Mon 23rd Sep 2019 - The new Parker HLR high load rodless linear actuators are available from Micromech Now!

The HLR is a linear actuator specially designed for the use in high quantity OEMs applications. This is a belt driven / linear guideway equipped actuator offering a very high load capacity at an extreme small form factor.

Tue 17th Sep 2019 - Success Story from Kollmorgen - To get the casting die oscillating

What's new in continuous casting: SMS Concast develops actuator-driven oscillation with direct drives by Kollmorgen

Mon 9th Sep 2019 - Choose the Right Screw Drive Train With Actuator Performance Calculator

Article Posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Monday 1st July, 2019 on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 - The PC precision linear actuator from Thomson, the perfect alternative to pneumatic actuators

Changing from pneumatic to electric actuators has many advantages and benefits. Not only can a design be simplified but it can be more cost effective too.

Tue 27th Aug 2019 - AKM2G Low Voltage Servo Motor from Kollmorgen

In response to increasing demand for AKM2G motors in low voltage applications, Kollmorgen has added the AKM2G low voltage version to the standard AKM2G portfolio

Thu 22nd Aug 2019 - Success Story from Kollmorgen - The precise geometry of 3D cutting

KBM motors as a byword for accuracy in laser cutting

Mon 19th Aug 2019 - How Using Electric Linear Actuators Can Save You Money

Article Posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Monday 1st July, 2019 on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Tue 30th Jul 2019 - Kollmorgen has awarded Micromech ‘Best European Distributor 2019’.

We are proud to announce that Micromech has once again been awarded the Best European Distributor.

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 - RTA EtherCAT FLEX-DRIVE now available from Micromech

Micromech would like to announce the latest series of EtherCAT stepping motor drives from RTA.

Wed 17th Jul 2019 - Success Story from Kollmorgen - Bricks that can put in an appearance

Motion Control by KOLLMORGEN makes fast and precise cuts from the column of clay

Mon 15th Jul 2019 - Available from Micromech – Premo, Wittenstein’s new powerful actuator platform

Absolute precision meets perfect movement: premo combines precision with motion - as efficiently as never before

Wed 10th Jul 2019 - Success Story from Kollmorgen - Peening extends life

Freymatic is building shot peening plants for the construction of aircraft engines – and, to do this, it's opting for Motion Control by KOLLMORGEN to achieve high quality requirements

Mon 8th Jul 2019 - RTA’s CSD range of high quality, cost effective stepper drives with EtherCAT available from Micromech

The CSD series of stepper drives from RTA is a range of ministep bipolar chopper drives suitable for driving medium-low power two-phase stepper motors with four, six or eight terminals

Mon 1st Jul 2019 - New from Trio, the MC6N-ECAT Mini Master

The MC6N is a high performance Motion Coordinator dedicated to running remote servo and stepper drives via the EtherCAT real time automation bus.

Mon 24th Jun 2019 - ‘T’ Series high load capacity electric cylinders with RediMount™ from Thomson

Precision electric cylinders are widely used in handling, machining and manufacturing applications. In addition they are often used is to replace of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders where they bring many benefits and advantages when compared to the older technologies.

Mon 17th Jun 2019 - New RTA X-PLUS S Stepper Drives with STO (Safe Torque Off) function now available from Micromech.

RTA X-PLUS S stepping motor drive series with step and direction interface and direct mains input (110v AC to 230v AC)

Tue 11th Jun 2019 - Trio’s innovative PC-MCAT 64 is available now from Micromech!

The PC-MCAT is a "Motion PC Solution" with a powerful quad core Intel Atom processor used to drive a high performance motion controller and a compact Windows based PC that can run user applications. The PC-MCAT software uses a real-time extension to allow the motion controller and Windows to run directly on individual processor cores.

Thu 6th Jun 2019 - KBM frameless kit brushless motors

Simplify your machine design and save money with Kollmorgen direct drive technology...KBM frameless kit brushless motors are available from Micromech.

Thu 30th May 2019 - A Three Axis, competitively priced, configurable Stepper Controller

The MSS-856-A-000 3 axis stepper controller can operate as a stand alone unit, or be commanded from HMI, PLC or PC, and is available now from Micromech.

Mon 20th May 2019 - Create the perfect XYZ gantry system for your application with Parker Origa OSPE Belt driven actuators and a little help from Micromech.

Using the OSP-E…BHD and BV belt driven actuators from the Parker Origa System Plus modular concept actuator range, Micromech have created a standard XYZ gantry assembly configurable to suit many applications.

Mon 13th May 2019 - Introducing a 1 to 4 axis, keenly priced, configurable Servo Controller

The MSS-K Servo Controller can be supplied from one to four axis, can operate as a stand alone unit, or be commanded from HMI, PLC or PC, and is now available from Micromech.

Wed 8th May 2019 - Kollmorgen leads the way with hygienic design for use in meat processing

Hygiene is no longer the sole driver of innovation in the food processing industry. In fact, all of the requirements in terms of cleanliness and food safety in machine design relate primarily to modularity, productivity, durability, and availability.

Tue 30th Apr 2019 - Available from Micromech - The new GA500 microdrive is designed to easily master nearly any application.

It’s compact in size and flexible in terms of motor type and connectivity.

Tue 23rd Apr 2019 - Available soon from Micromech - Combo Unit R-MOD ET A3H2MA

New series of stepper motors with integrated ministep bipolar chopper drives; setting by means of EtherCAT interface and based on battery less multi-turn absolute encoder.

Mon 15th Apr 2019 - High Performance Drives Can Achieve Optimal Control of Cast Film Lines

Article Posted by Parker's Electromechanical Team on Thursday 4th April, 2019 on the Parker Motion & Control Technology Blog

Tue 2nd Apr 2019 - The high-efficiency PFL20 is Nippon's smallest linear actuator yet

The PFL20 is a highly efficient, high thrust tin-can linear actuator with a 20mm diameter and a bipolar winding.

Mon 25th Mar 2019 - The New Kollmorgen AKM2G series range of AC Synchronous Servo Motors from Micromech

Smaller footprint helps to reduce machine space.........Increased torque provides higher performance...........Wider speed range for faster operation

Tue 19th Mar 2019 - Yaskawa AC Drives now in stock at Micromech.

Yaskawa J1000 Series and V1000 Series AC Drives in stock and available for next day delivery

Mon 11th Mar 2019 - Notice of Parker product discontinuation

Due to component obsolescence Parker is forced to discontinue the following product ranges from 30th June 2019

Tue 5th Mar 2019 - Electrak HD is the next generation of electric linear actuators from Thomson - Available with Higher Load Capacity and Synchronization Option

The Electrak HD is a new range of electric linear actuators with onboard electronics, eliminating the need for standalone controls. These new higher power actuators are open to a wider range of hydraulic applications for electric conversion.

Mon 25th Feb 2019 - ISEL driven linear actuators, the ideal cost effective solution to reliable and precise linear motion….German engineering available from Micromech.

ISEL provides a wide range of mechanical and electronic motion control products suitable for new machine builds and upgrade projects for both OEMs and end users.

Wed 20th Feb 2019 - Parker AC10 Drives in stock available for FREE next day delivery at Micromech.

The AC10 compact variable speed drive from Parker is the perfect solution to general motor control applications requiring speed or torque control.

Wed 13th Feb 2019 - New from Trinamic: A Range of Closed-Loop, Smart BLDC Motors. Available from Micromech March 2019

The PANdrive™ PD42-x-1670 product family features Trinamic’s first smart motor solution with brushless DC motors. The 42mm flange size BLDC motors have an integrated hall sensor for closed-loop FOC-based operation.

Tue 5th Feb 2019 - Motion Control Sales Engineer - Southern Sales Position

Due to growing sales we are seeking to expand our sales team with a Motion Control Sales Engineer.

Mon 4th Feb 2019 - Why Choose a Frameless Motor for Your Machine?

Article Posted on 29th November 2018, on Kollmorgen's Blog

Mon 28th Jan 2019 - For perfect current control for high speed stepper motors, take a look at the new Trinamic TMC 2160 IC

The TMC2160 is a high-power stepper motor driver IC with SPI interface. It features industries’ most advanced stepper motor driver with simple Step / Direction interface.

Mon 21st Jan 2019 - The New Kollmorgen AKD2G Servo Drive

AKD2G features include dual-axis, expandable I/O (without increasing the size), removable memory, dual-channel STO, and the first drive-resident graphic display in the industry.

Tue 15th Jan 2019 - Speed up the development of your application with the Trinamic TMCM 1240 single axis stepper drive/controller from Micromech

The module incorporates Trinamic´s latest stepper motor drive technologies including the popular silent control mode StealthChop in its second generation and the sensorless load-dependent current scaling CoolStep. The magnetic SensOstep encoder provides safe step-loss detection even in stand still.

Wed 2nd Jan 2019 - Having difficulty finding the right stepper motor? Need something a bit different? Check out the many options that the Stogra range of motors have to offer. Exclusively available from Micromech in the UK.

This superb, extensive range of high quality stepper motors is manufactured in Germany by Stogra and available exclusively from Micromech in the UK. Stogra have been manufacturing stepper motors since 1974 and provide some unique standard options. They also have the ability to manufacture specials quickly at cost effective prices.