Trinamic - IDX 7505 - Stepper Driver Modules

The IDX 7505 is a small and rugged step-/ direction stepper motor driver system with a supply voltage of up to 75V and up to 5A RMS motor coil current. The parameters of the IDX 7505 like motor current and µStep resolution can be changed easily using the RS-485 interface with an ASCII protocol (e.g. with Hyperterminal). Also the firmware of the module can be updated via the serial interface. All settings are stored in an internal EEPROM, so that no bus system is required in the application. The module is fully protected and comes with a stand-alone reference search feature, using the integrated reference switch input or StallGuard™.

   IDX 7505
 Status  active
 Step / Direction
 Phase Current, Peak
 Phase Current, RMS
 Motor Supply

 Product Guide - Embedded Modules 

 IDX 7505 Datasheet


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Trinamic - IDX 7505