Eltra - EL 63 - ER 63 AX-DX - Optical Solid Shaft

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EL 63 - ER 63 AX/DX - Optical Solid Shaft

Thanks to the stainless steel enclosure, EL 63 - ER 63 AX/DX (ø 63 mm) encoders are suitable for harsh environments where high corrosion resistance is required as, per instance, chemical products processing, food and beverage industry, cranes and winches, offshore applications etc. The external structure is designed without any hollow surface nor protuberant angle to avoid the sediment of liquids and substances, so the device can be easily and fully cleaned.

 External diameter (max)  63 mm
 Shaft diameter (max)  10 mm
 Resolution (max)  24.000 ppr
 Output frequency (max)  300 kHz
 Operating temperature (°C)  -20° ... 70°
 Enclosure rating  IP 66



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Eltra - Incremental - ø 63 mm EL - ER63 AX/DX