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Renishaw - RGH20F UHV - Incremental Encoder System with RGS Linear Scale

RGH20F UHV vacuum compatible rotary (angle) encoder

RGH20F UHV rotary (angle) encoder readhead is compatible with RESR rings, providing high-fidelity direct position feedback in ultra-high vacuum conditions. Well-proven by years of use in the field, RGH20F UHV is fitted on semiconductor and scientific equipment around the world, where high performance and reliability simply cannot be compromised.



Compatible with REF interfaces

To further boost performance and long-term reliability, the RoHS compliant REF interface replaces the RGB and RGF series, bringing dynamic signal conditioning and resolutions to 0.05 arc seconds.

The RGH20F UHV readhead has been manufactured in dedicated clean conditions, using materials and adhesives specially selected for their low out-gassing rates. The product is then packed and sealed in a vacuum-compliant bag to ensure cleanliness is maintained.

Renishaw's RESR rotary rings

RESR rings are made from monolithic 300-series stainless steel without any coatings, meaning it can be subjected to specialist cleaning and de-greasing if required. The ring features a large through-hole and small cross-section, thus simplifying design while minimising mass and inertia. The ring also features Renishaw's patented taper mount, which provides an easy method to achieve fine adjustment, combined with a high level of stability over wide temperature ranges. RESR rings for UHV applications are available with a range of diameters from 52 to 550 mm, with custom sizes and even larger diameters available on request.



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Renishaw - RGH20F UHV