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Renishaw - RESR rotary

RESR rotary (angle) encoder system

Renishaw's RESR angle encoder offers impressive performance. With graduation accuracy to ±0.5 arc second and resolution to 0.004 arc second, the RESR suits the most demanding precision applications.

RESR rings

The RESR ring is a one-piece stainless steel ring with graduations marked axially on the periphery. The 20 µm pitch RESR is compatible with the RGH20 and RGH35 readheads, while the 40 µm pitch RESR is compatible with the RGH34 and RGH40 readheads.

  • Graduation accuracy to ±0.5 arc second and system repeatability to 0.004 arc second
  • A wide range of diameters and line counts provide compatibility with industry standard controllers (Ø52 mm to Ø550 mm with line counts from 4,096 to 86,400)
  • Patented taper mount minimizes installation errors and simplifies integration
  • 10 mm x 10 mm small cross section ring
  • Low mass, low inertia design enhances dynamic performance
  • One piece stainless steel ring withstands vibration, mechanical and thermal shock, and thermal overload
  • For even higher acceleration and deceleration, and faster settling times, extra-low inertia 'B' section rings are also available
  • The reference mark, which offers a repeatable home position, is provided by a separate magnetic actuator
  • 20 µm pitch rings are compatible with the UHV compatible RGH20F readhead





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Renishaw - RESR rotary