Parker - LCB Series - Slider Bearing Rodless Linear Actuator

The LCB Series of linear actuators incorporates a low friction, dry running sliding bearing carriage that provides long and reliable travel life even at 100% duty cycle. The low mass of the carriage and steel reinforced timing belt design allows for very high acceleration and velocity. With accelerations exceeding 2G''s and speeds up to 8 m/s, the LCB can achieve comparable throughput to linear motors at a fraction of the cost.

Combined with Parker motors and controls, the LCB offers a fully programmable, high performance solution at a great value.
  • Increased throughput - 100% duty cycle operation
  • High acceleration (20 m/s2) and velocity (8 m/s)   
  • Two profile sizes (LCB040 and LCB060)
  • Dry running, low friction bearings provide long, reliable life
  • Lower noise generated during operation compared to other bearing types
  • Short, medium, and long carriages available to optimize moment load capacity

 LCB Series

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Parker - LCB Series