Stögra - 2 Phases Hybrid Stepper Motor - Standard

STÖGRA standard motors are 2-phases 1,8° hybrid stepper motors. The customer can select the optimal stepper motor for his application out of a great variety of stepper motor models with

different dimensions and operating torque characteristics.

  • 1,8° step angle (at full step operation)
  • cast connecton box (IP55) or leads connection (IP41)
  • metric or inch dimensions
  • isolating class F
  • high voltage proofed according to DIN VDE 0530
  • CE-conform


Series SM56
Motor diameter 56,5mm
holding torque 0,4 Nm bis 1,2 Nm

Series SM87/SM88
motor diameter 86mm
holding toque 1,2 Nm to 4,8 Nm (SM87)
holding torque 4Nm to 16 Nm

Series SM107
motor diameter 108mm
holding torque 4 Nm to 16 Nm

Gear heads, Encoders and Brakes for Stögra stepper motors


Options for Stögra stepper motors

  • rear shaft
  • protection class IP68
  • vacuum version
  • with keyway
  • customer specific versions (e.g. modifications on motor shaft)
  • planetary gear heads with ratios from 3:1 to 512:1
  • encoders with 2 x 50 , 2 x 200 and 2 x 500 pulses per revolution
  • permanent magnetical holding brake (e.g. as emergency brake for z-axis) 

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Stögra - 2 Phases Hybrid Stepper Motors - Standard