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Parker - EX Series - Explosion Proof (ATEX Zone 1) Brushless Servo Motor

The EX series is a range of permanent magnet explosion-proof brushless servo motors designed for use in explosive atmospheres. Featuring robust explosion-proof housings, EX synchronous servo motors are capable of bearing internal explosions with no risks of propagation to the neighbouring environment. The EX series of servo motors are characterized by excellent motion quality, dynamic acceleration/deceleration capabilities and high torque output over a wide speed range. Various winding variants and numerous options are available to offer maximum flexibility. Two versions are available, conforming with either the North American or European safety standards.


  • Brushless servo motors with explosion proof housings
  • Conforming with either CE/ATEX or UL safety standard
  • High dynamic performance
  • Compactness and robustness
  • Maintenance free


  • Printing machinery
  • Paint spray equipment
  • Plastics machinery
  • Chemical, petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Waste processing plants...

Technical Specifications:

  • Motor type : Permanent magnets synchronous motors
  • Frame sizes : 70 - 155mm
  • Torque range : 1.75 to 35 Nm
  • Speed range : to 7600 rpm
  • Number of poles : 10
  • Mounting : Flange with smooth holes
  • Mechanical interface : Solid smooth shaft (standard) / Solid shaft with key (option)
  • Feedback sensors : 2 poles resolver (standard) / Absolute EnDat encoder (option)/ Absolute Hiperface encoder (option)
  • Thermal protection : Thermoswitches and thermofuses integrated into the winding
  • Other Options : Parking brake

European version specific:

  • Voltage supply : 230 / 400 VAC
  • Conformance : ATEX 94/9/EC Directive - EN60079-0, EN60079-1, EN61241-0 and EN61241-1 standards
  • Classification : - II 2G Ex d IIB T4 / IP64 (Gas) / - II 2GD Ex d IIB T4 / IP65 Ex tD A21 / IP65 T135°C (Gas and dust)
  • Ingress protection level : IP64 (standard) / IP65 (option)
  • Connections : Cable glands
  • Marking : CE / ATEX Ex


 Explosion Proof Servo Motors 


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