Kollmorgen - AKM Washdown Motor

A synchronous motor for washdown: an economic alternative to stainless steel

AKM Washdown series synchronous motors are a practical and cost-effective alternative to motors that employ high grade stainless steel housings. With IP67 rated PTFE sealing, a special two-component epoxy coating and stainless steel output shafts these synchronous motors ensure complete resistance to corrosive chemicals including highly alkaline or acidic cleaning products. For use in food, beverage and packaging industries which are subject to the strict hygienic regulations, a food-grade model is also available that additionally features food-safe lubrication and materials. With the performance characteristics of the AKM permanent magnet motor range. this washdown synchronous motor is available in frame sizes 2 through 6, with several standard stack-lengths with a wide choice of winding, feedback and connection options.


  • Frame sizes 2 through 6
  • Static torques from 1 to 25 N-m
  • Available with a wide range of standard lengths, windings, feedback systems and connection technologies
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals including highly alkaline or acidic cleaning products
  • Food-grade version complies with FDA requirements, including lubricants and materials safe for incidental contact and consumption
  • IP67 seal design featuring PTFE shaft seal
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Also available with brake


  • Ideal for applications subject to strict hygiene regulations
  • A cost-effective solution for any application that requires periodic washdown
  • Increased motor life
  • Higher purification rating
  • No additional cover or special protection required for the motor casing
  • Meets the needs of a wide range of applications without requiring expensive, high-grade stainless steel for the motor casing
  • Stainless steel used for motor shaft, screws and connectors

Benefits of AKM™ Washdown Food Servomotor

  • Safe for incidental contact   
  • Coating and lubricants comply with FDA requirements
  • The coating is resistant to aggressive cleaning agents


 AKM Washdown 

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Kollmorgen - AKM Washdown Motor