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Trinamic - PD42-1140 - Stepper Motor with Integrated Driver/Controller

PD-1141 40mm stepper motor with controller/driver with coolStep™ and sensOstep™ encoder, high end

The PANdrive PD-1140 family is a mechatronic solution including a 40mm flange stepper motor, a controller board and a sensOstep™ encoder. It can be controlled via serial interface or operated in standalone mode. Power supply, external encoder, interface and I/Os can be connected with JST connectors.

With the advanced stallGuard2™ the motor load can be detected with high resolution. The outstanding coolStep™ technology for sensorless load dependent current control allows efficient motor operation.

The PC based software development environment TMCL-IDE for the Trinamic Motion Control Language (TMCL™)

   PD42-1-1140  PD42-2-1140  PD42-3-1140  PD42-4-1140
  Product State:   active  active  active  active
  Holding Torque:  220mNm  360mNm  440mNm  700mNm
  Flange Metric:  42mm  42mm  42mm  42mm
  Flange NEMA:
 17  17  17  17
 CAN, CANopen, RS485, TMCL, USB  CAN, CANopen, RS485, TMCL, USB  CAN, CANopen, RS485, TMCL, USB  CAN, CANopen, RS485, TMCL, USB
 CANopen, TMCL  CANopen, TMCL  CANopen, TMCL  CANopen, TMCL
 Supported Motor Type:  Stepper  Stepper  Stepper  Stepper
 Microstep Resolution:  1...256  1...256  1...256  1...256
 Velocity Ramps:  trapezoidal  trapezoidal  trapezoidal  trapezoidal
 Motor Supply:  9...28V  9...28V  9...28V  9...28V
 Length:  33.5mm  38mm  47mm  60mm
 Width:  42mm  42mm  42mm  42mm
 Height:  42mm  42mm  42mm  42mm

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