Parker Origa - OSP-E B - Linear Belt Drive

Electric Linear Belt Drive for point-to-point applications


  • Precise path and position control
  • High speed operation
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for precise point-to-point and reciprocating applications


  • Integrated drive and guidance system
  • Long available strokes
  • Complete motor and control packages
  • Diverse range of accessories and mountings

Standard version:

  • OSP-E25B, OSP-E32B, OSP-E50B
  • OSP-E25B Tandem, OSP-E32B Tandem, OSP-E50B Tandem
  • Standard carrier with integral guidance
  • Dovetail profile for mounting of accessories and the actuator itself


  • Tandem version
  • Bi-parting version for synchronised movements





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Parker Origa - OSP-E B