Stögra - Gearbox for Stögra Stepper Motor

standard gear box series PE
Gear box series PE includes 1-stage to 3-stages planetary gear boxes, with ratios from 1:1 until 512:1.
These gear boxes our mounted directly to the motor.
A pitch, which makes part of the first planetary stage of the gear box, is mounted via drilling and a key to the motor shaft.
The gear head is mounted on top of the pitch.
The technical advantages of that system are
  • smaller gear box length
  • much smaller inertia of the pitch compared to a standard gear box coupling
    – results in better dynamical performance (higher acceleration possible)
  • 100% safe against slipping between motor shaft and gear box
- gear box series PE 56
- gear box series PE 87/PE 88
- gear box series PE 107
Options for gear box
Gear box series PE with special coating Z119 (together with mounted stepper motor)
  • Ordering example: SM 87.2.18M6 PE40 Z119
Gear box series PE with protection class IP65.
The gear box is especially sealed, and gear box output shaft and keyway are made of stainless steel.
Gear box series WPE with angled gear box

High precision gear box series PLN with very low backlash from 3 to 5 angular minutes

Detailed informations for gear box series WPE and PLN are available on request

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