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Stepper motors for extended operating temperature range – options Z80 and Z240

The operating temperature range for all STÖGRA standard motors is -30°C until 80°C permanently (short time 100°C).
This max. allowed temperature at the motor surface (measured at stator housing - backside near the cast connection box) may not
exceeded. The motor temperature reached during operation depends from various factors:
e.g. motor current, motor speed, ambient temperature, duty cycle, forced draft, heat flow from motor to other bodies, ...

For extreme applications STÖGRA offers motors with extended operating temperature:


type  temperature range

Z240  -30°C until 100°C (short time until 120°C)
Z80  -30°C until 120°C (short time until 130°C)

Ordering examples: SM 87.2.18M6 Z240, SM88.1.18M4 Z80

STÖGRA also offers further versions, e.g. for low temperature until -50°C – please contact us.


Vacuum hard motors series SM ... V and SM ... V Z138
For vacuum and clean room applications we offer our vacuum hard series SM ...V and SM ...V Z138.

  • vakuum compatible until 10-6 Torr
  • blank stator surface
  • vacuum compatible special bearing grease
  • for leads motor versions including teflon leads
  • metalic back cover (aluminium)
  • motors are not gased out!

- Ordering examples: SM 87.3.18M6V

The option »Z138« additionally includes a galvanically nickled motor surface
(protection against corrosion for the blank stator).

-Ordering examples: SM 87.3.18M6V Z138

These options are available for all STÖGRA motors. 


IP68 Motor
Version Z9

All motor series from STÖGRA are available optionally with protection class IP68. The IP68 motors
are tested under water with 1 bar pressure (corresponds to operation of motor in 10m water depth).
Typical applications for IP68 motors are, beside underwater are any plants outside (e.g. faced to rain)
or in the food industry, where motors are cleaned with water. The motors include special sealings
and some special parts as special flanges). Options »brake« and »encoder« are also possible for
IP68 motors. IP68 motors need to be ordered with the extension »Z9« in the type designation.
- Ordering example : SM 87.2.18M6 E50 Z9


Motors with special coating for protection against corrosion Z119 / Z177

All STÖGRA motors are available optionally with special coating.
The complete motor surface will be primed two times and then specially coated.
This guarantees an extremely robust protection of the complete motor surface against corrosion.
Typically motors in IP68 version (see above Z9) or motors in IP55 (standardcast connection box version) for the food industry are ordered in special coated version.
Coated motors in IP55 (standard cast connection box) must be ordered with the extension »Z119«.
-  ordering example: SM 87.2.18M6 E50 Z119
Coated motors in IP68 version (see above »Z9«) must be ordered with the extension »Z177« .
- ordering example: SM 87.2.18M6 E50 Z177
Motors usable in sea water environment are also available.


STÖGRA stepper motors with keyway / woodruff
Series SM 107 and SM 168 are delivered in standard version with keyway (but not on double ended shaft).
For series SM 87 the keyway is an option, which needs to be indicated at the ordering key.
For series SM 56 woodruff or keyway are options, which also need to be indicated at the ordering key.     
- Ordering examples:
   SM 56.2.18J3F (with woodruff),
   SM 87.2.18M6N (with keyway at front shaft)
   SM 87.2.18M6WN (with keyway only at double ended shaft)
   SM 87.2.18M6NWN (with keyway at front and double ended shaft) 


Shaft modifcations for STÖGRA stepper motors series SM 87 and SM 88 – option Z8 and Z200

Series SM 87 in »M«-version (metrical dimensions) includes in standard version a shaft diameter of
10mm (dimension D2 in the dimensions drawings in stepper motor catalogue page 5).
Series SM 88 in standard version includes a shaft diameter of 12mm.
Optionally motors SM 87 and SM 88 are available with following shaft diameters (dimension D2):
SM 87 with 12mm: ordering indication SM 87... M...Z8

-Ordering example: SM 87.2.18M4,6 Z8
SM 88 with 10mm: ordering indication SM 87... M...Z200
- Ordering example: SM 88.2.18M8 Z200
Also other customer specific shaft diameters and modifications are possible. 


STÖGRA stepper motors with shaft flat – option Z20


Additional options for STÖGRA stepper motors

  • customer specific versions
  • flange modifications (e.g. special centering diameter)
  • round flange (type SRF)
  • special shaft diameter and/or length
  • motor prepared for mounting an external encoder (mounted by customer)
  • cable gland at motor rearside (axially mounted)
  • leads length customer specific
  • mounted cable (motor, encoder, brake)
  • metalic rear cover for STÖGRA stepper motors series SM 87 and SM 88

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