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Stogra - Stepper Drive - WSE 04.80 V01/WSE 08.80 V01

Stepper motor power amplifiers WSE 04.80 V01 and WSE 08.80 V01 in compact housing:
  • Microstepping power amplifer with bipolar chopper for 2-phases stepper motors
  • Maximum power integrated in smallest housing
  • Compact metal housing fits also in small switch cabinets
  • Available as rail mounting version or panel mounting version
  • Extremely low dissipation due to newest MOSFET-technology
  • No forced drafted necessary
  • Wide range of voltage supply from 20 to 80 VDC
  • Phase currents adjustable via 16 stage rotative switch from 0,25 to 4A (WSE 04.80) and 0,5 to 8A (WSE 08.80)
  • Optimal with STÖGRA motor series SM 56, SM 87, SM 88 and SM 107
  • 16 different step angles between 200 and 12800 steps/revolution selectable via DIP-switches – micro stepping for optimal, smooth true running of the motor
  • The step angle can be switched between two values via an external input during motor is running
  • Easy connecting via front side screw terminals and spring terminals for all lines and signals
  • Electronical protection against short circuit (motor phases), over temperature (power amplifier) and under voltage
  • Output ready signal via relay
  • Input signals (pulse, direction, reset, boost, disable, change step angle) optionally optocoupler isolated
  • Via DIP-switch selectable input signal level: low-active, high-active TTL (5V), High-activ PLC (24V) or RS422 (only pulse and direction)


 Stepper Drive WSE 04.80 V01/WSE 08.80 V01 PDF

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Stepper Drive
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Stogra - Stepper Drive - WSE 04.80 V01/WSE 08.80 V01