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Stogra - Power supplies NT

Features of STÖGRA power supplies:
  • open (IP00), power supply (no switched mode), mounted on an aluminium plate
  • easy mountage into a switch cabinet
  • including isolated transformer, bridge rectifier, capacitors, limitation of power-on current, fuses, EMC-mains filter
  • input 230 VAC / 50-60Hz – alternatively available is 115VAC / 50-60Hz
  • all connections via screw terminals
  • very robust (unbeatable regarding long life) and optimal for stepper motor systems, where switched-mode power supplies may create problems

There are available versions with nominal power of 350VA, 500VA and 1000VA. 
Available output voltages are 24 VDC, 36 VDC, 60 VDC, 85 VDC and 120 VDC.


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Stogra - Power supplies NT