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Trinamic - TMCM-1310 - Stepper cDriver™ Module

The TMCM-1310 is a fully closed single axis stepper control unit for all applications that require high relieability and dynamics. The device is powered by Trinamic stallGuard2™, coolStep™ and spreadCycle™ chopper technology. The TMCM-1310 is capable of driving up to 4.3A of current from each output (with proper heatsinking). It is designed for an operating voltage of 9...51V. The device provides an USB, EtherCAT and encoder interface. An integrated protocol processor supplies a high level CANopen over EtherCAT communication.

 Status  active
 a/b/n incremental  
 Width  110mm
 Length  110mm
 a/b/n incremental  
 Microsteps  1…256
 programmable microstep table
 MotorType  Stepper


 Phase Current, Peak  4.2A
 Phase Current, RMS  3A
 Axes  1
 Motor Supply  9…51V

 Product Guide - Embedded Modules

 TMCM-1310 Datasheet


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Trinamic - TMCM-1310 - Stepper Motor Module