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Trinamic - TMCM-3213 - Stepper cDriver™ Module

The TMCM-3213 is a triple axis stepper motor controller/driver module for sensorless load dependent current control. The device is powered by Trinamic stallGuard2™, coolStep™, spreadCycle™, stealthChop™ and dcStep™ technology and has a sixPoint™ ramp generator. The TMCM-3213 is capable of driving up to 4.2A of current from each output (with proper heatsinking). It is designed for an operating voltage of 12...53V. The device provides a USB, EtherCAT and 3 encoder interfaces. An integrated protocol processor supplies a high level CANopen over EtherCAT communication.

 Status  preview
 a/b/n incremental  
 Width  215mm
 Length  100mm
 Microsteps  1…256
 MotorType  Stepper


 short to GND detection  
 Phase Current, Peak  4.2A
 Phase Current, RMS  3A
 Axes  3
 Motor Supply  12…53V

 Product Guide - Embedded Modules

 TMCM-3213 Datasheet


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