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Trinamic - TMCM-3230 - Stepper cDriver™ Module

The TMCM-3230 is a compact and easy to use 3-axes stepper motor controller and driver unit for embedded applications. It offers CAN bus, UART and USB interfaces for communication and supports stand-alone operation, also. The TMCM-3230 features stealthChop™ for absolute silent motor control, spreadCycle™ for high speed stepper motor commutation, a fully integrated hardware motion controller with sixPoint™ motion ramps, as well as stallGuard2™ and coolStep™.

   TMCM-3230-CANopen  TMCM-3230-TMCL
 Status  preview  preview
 Axes  3  3
 Motor Supply  8…28.5V  8…28.5V
 Phase Current, RMS  1.0A  1.0A
 Microsteps  1…256  1…256
 microstep table    
 passive breaking    
 Width  80mm  80mm
 Length  50mm  50mm
 Height  6mm  6mm

 Product Guide - Embedded Modules

 TMCM-3230 Datasheet


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Trinamic  - TMCM-3230