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Trinamic - PD57-1260 - PD60-1260 - Stepper PANdrives cDriver

The PD57/60-1260 is a full mechatronic solution, made up of a TMCM-1260 stepper control module and a NEMA 23 or a NEMA 24 (57mm or 60mm flange size) motor. The PD57/60-1260 CANopen® firmware allows to control the module using the CANopen® protocol, making use of the Trinamic TMC5160 motion controller and motor driver. Dynamic current control and quiet, smooth and efficient operation are combined with StealthChop™, DcStep™, StallGuard™ and CoolStep™ features.

   PD57-1-1260-TMCL  PD57-2-1260-TMCL  PD60-3-1260-TMCL
 Status  active  active  active
 Motor Supply  12…54V  12…54V  12…54V
 Microsteps  1…256  1…256  1…256
 Flange NEMA  23  23  24
 Holding Torque  55Ncm  101Ncm  210Ncm
 Width  60mm  60mm  60mm
 Height  60mm  60mm  60mm
 Length  69mm  79mm  93mm

 PD-57/60-1260 PDF 

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Trinamic - PD57/60-1260