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Trinamic - PD57-1076 - PD60-1076 - Stepper PANdrives cDriver™

The PANdrive™ PD57/60-x-1076 is a full mechatronic solution with state of the art feature set. It is highly integrated and offers a convenient handling.

The PD57/60-x-1076 includes a stepper motor and driver electronics.
The module is controlled via a step and direction interface. One configuration pin selects the current control mode between StealthChop™ for absolute silent motor control and SpreadCycle™ for high speed. A TTL UART interface allows for more advanced configuration, for example of the StallGuard2™ and CoolStep™ features, and permanent parameter storage via TMCL™-IDE.


   PD57-1-1076  PD57-2-1076  PD60-3-1076  PD60-4-1076
 Status  active  active  active  active
 Motor Supply  10…30V  10…30V  10…30V  10…30V
 Microsteps  1…256  1…256  1…256  1…256
 Flange NEMA  23  23  24  24
 Holding Torque  55Ncm  101Ncm  210Ncm  310Ncm
 Width  60mm  60mm  60mm  60mm
 Height  60mm  60mm  60mm  60mm
 Length  54mm  64mm  78mm  99mm


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Trinamic - PD57/60-1076