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Heidenhain - Exposed Linear Encoder - LIF

Exposed linear encoders are designed for use on machines and installations that require high accuracy of the measured value.

Typical applications include:
  • Measuring and production equipment in the semiconductor industry
  • PCB assembly machines
  • Ultra-precision machines
  • High-accuracy machine tools
  • Measuring machines and comparators, measuring microscopes, and other precision measuring devices
  • Direct drives


LIF - For very high accuracy

Incremental Encoders
The LIF exposed linear encoders have a measuring standard manufactured in the SUPRADUR process on a glass substrate and operate on the interferential scanning principle. They feature high accuracy and repeatability, are especially easy to mount, and have limit switches and homing tracks. The special version LIF 481 V can be used in high vacuum up to 10–7 bar

 Model Baseline Error Substrate and mounting  Interpolation error Measuring length
  Accuracy grade Interval       
LIF 471
LIF 481


≤ ± 0.225 μm/ 5 mm Scale of Zerodur glass ceramic or glass, bonded with PRECIMET adhesive film ± 12 nm 70 mm to 1640 mm

LIF 171
LIP 181

  1 µm 
  3 µm 
≤ ± 0.125 μm/ 5 mm Glass or Zerodur glass ceramic scale, bonded or attached with fixing clamps ± 12 nm 70 mm to 3040 mm

 Exposed Linear Encoders - LIF

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Heidenhain - Exposed Linear Encoders - LIF