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Trinamic - PD20-1-1210 - Stepper PANdrives cDriver™

The PANdrive™ PD20-1-1210 is currently our smallest and most compact full mechatronic solution including a NEMA8 / 20mm flange size stepper motor, the TMCM-1210 controller / driver electronics and hall sensor based encoder.  It can be controlled via RS485 and offers one digital input for easy homing / intial search for reference position and supports linear and SixPoint™ ramps.


 Status:  preview
 Flange NEMA:  8
 Flange:  20mm
 Holding Torque:  2Ncm
 Motor Supply:  6...30V
 Rated Speed:  
 Microsteps:  1...256
 (Incremental) Encoder Interface  
 Length:  32mm
 Width:  28mm
 Height:  28mm


 Product Guide - PANDrives 




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Trinamic - PD20-1-1210