Trinamic - TMC6200 - 3-Phase Gatedriver Integrated Circuit

The TMC6200 is a high-power gate driver for PMSM servo or BLDC motors.

Using six external MOSFETs and two or three sense resistors, it integrates the full high voltage part of a FOC drive system for 12V, 24V or 48V, including in-line current sense amplifiers with programmable amplification.

It can drive a wide range of motors from Watt to Kilowatt. Software controlled drive strength allows in-system EME optimization. Programmable safety features like short detection and overtemperature thresholds together with an SPI interface for diagnostics allow robust and reliable designs. With the TMC6200, a minimum number of external components is required to build a rugged drive with full protection and diagnostics.

 Status  active
 Axes  1
 Motor Supply  8...60V
 Phase Current, RMS  
 Package  eTQFP48 (9x9)

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 TMC6200 Datasheet

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Trinamic - TMC6200