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Yaskawa - GA500 - AC Drive

The GA500 is designed to easily master nearly any application.  Compact in size and flexible in terms of motor type and connectivity.

Simplify System Integration
GA500 drives are designed to be easily integrated into systems and machinery. Combining network support, application focused features and great customizability with unparalleled ease of use, the GA500 minimizes efforts to get your automation jobs done.

Fast Installation and Setup
GA500 drives embed various features eliminating the need for peripherals. This in line with easy wiring plus smart functions for doing a basic setup literally in 5 minutes greatly reduce the time and cost required to having a running system.

Best Machine Performance
By integrating latest motor control technology for induction, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors, the GA500 drives provide best control performance at minimized energy consumption.

Operation Secured
GA500 drives are reliable and robust, designed with coated PCBs allowing operation in 50 °C without derating while machine monitoring functions and an integrated life time prediction prevent sudden failures. Thus GA500 effectively secures operation and prevents production loss.

Makes Life Easier
The GA500 drive comes with valuable functions and smart features to provide benefits through the whole life cycle of a machine or installation.

  • Temperature Controlled Fans
    Cooling fans run only when needed. Contamination is minimized while service intervals can be prolonged.
  • Tactile Keypad
    The bright LED display and tactile buttons make navigation through menus easy and intuitive. The removable keypad can serve as parameter backup or copy unit.
  • Robust Design
    GA500 can be operated in up to 4000 m altitude and 60 °C hot environment. Coated PCBs make the drive robust against dust and mist.
  • Embedded Braking Chopper
    Handle regenerative energy with a minimum number of external parts.
  • Scalable
    Embedded programming environment for customizing drive functions can replace external controllers.
  • 24 VDC Power Input for Controller
    Simplify your wiring and keep your control system operating even during standby or power outage.
  • Built-in EMC Filter
    Easy compliance with global standards and simplified machine design by a reduced number of parts.
  • Optimal Rating
    Normal Duty rating allows to run a one size larger motor in variable torque applications.
  • Common Menus
    Menus and parameters are arranged and named as in any other YASKAWA drive thus reducing education effort.
  • USB Port
    Easily connect your PC or mobile device for programming, monitoring or troubleshooting the GA500.
  • Minimum Effort for Service
    10 years maintenance-free design provides hassle-free long term operation.
  • Screwless Control Terminals
    Easily create long lasting reliable connections without the need for re-tightening.
  • Easily Accessible Mains Terminals
    Connect mains and motor cables in shortest time without removing any cover.
  • 24 VDC Power for Sensors
    Internal power supply delivers extra 150 mA for use with external sensors, thus saving a separate power supply.
  • Secured Production
    Service life indicators for main parts prevent production loss by sudden breakdown.
  • Program Without Power
    GA500 can be programmed without any power supply connected, even while the drive is still in the box. Simply plug into one of your PC’s USB ports or any USB on-the-go device, start programming and enjoy the ease of commissioning.
  • Setup Wizard
    The Setup Wizard reduces the setup time to a couple of minutes. It guides through the basic setup with simple questions not requiring any knowledge about drive parameters, thus saving valuable time.




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Yaskawa - GA500 - AC Drive