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Trinamic - TMC5160 - Controlled Stepper Driver ICs (cDriver™)

The TMC5160 is a high power stepper motor controller and driver IC with serial communication interfaces. It combines a flexible ramp generator for automatic target positioning with industries’ most advanced stepper motor driver. Using external transistors, highly dynamic, high torque drives can be realized. Based on TRINAMICs sophisticated SpreadCycle™ and StealthChop™ choppers, the driver ensures absolutely noiseless operation combined with maximum efficiency and best motor torque. High integration, high energy efficiency and a small form factor enable miniaturized and scalable systems for cost effective solutions. The complete solution reduces learning curve to a minimum while giving best performance in class.

   TMC5160-TA  TMC5160-WA
 Status  preview  preview
 Axes  1  1
 Motor Supply  8…60V  8…60V
 Microsteps  1…256  1…256
 a/b/n incremental    
 passive breaking    
 short detection    
 Phase Current, RMS    
 Package  eTQFP48  QFN56 (8x8)


 TMC5160 Datasheet

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Trinamic - TMC5160