Trinamic - TMC223 - Combined Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Motion Controller

The TMC223 is a combined micro-stepping stepper motor motion controller and driver with RAM and OTP memory and integrated sensorless stall detection. The RAM or OTP memory is used to store motor parameters and configuration settings. The TMC223 allows up to four bit of micro stepping and a coil current of up to 800 mA. After initialization it performs all time critical tasks autonomously based on target positions and velocity parameters. Communications to a host takes place via a two wire serial interface. Together with an inexpensive micro controller the TMC223 forms a complete motion control system. The TMC223 is fully upwards compatible to the TMC222.


   TMC223-LI  TMC223-SI
 Status  active  active
 Interfaces  IIC  IIC
 Velocity Ramps  trapezoidal  trapezoidal
 Microsteps  1…16  1…16
 MotorType  Stepper  Stepper
 Features  Stall detection  
 Phase Current, Peak  0.8A  0.8A
 Phase Current, RMS  0.57A  0.57A
 Axes  1  1
 Motor Supply  8…29V  8…29V
 Logic Supply  3.3…5V  3.3…5V
 Package  QFN32 (7x7)  SO20


 Product Guide - Integrated Circuits


 TMC223 Datasheet

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Trinamic - TMC223-LI
Trinamic - TMC223-SI