Trinamic - PD28-1021 - Stepper Motor Drive

PD-1021 28mm stepper motor with controller/driver with coolStep™ and sensOstep™ Encoder

The PD28-1021 is a full mechatronic solution including a 28mm flange motor (NEMA11). It joins a convenient controller electronic and a sensOstep™ encoder with a range of different motor torques. The PD28-1021 offers two motor torque options and can be controlled via RS-485 serial interface. The powersupply, interface and the multi purpose I/Os can be connected via a single small JST connectors.

The PC based software development environment TMCL-IDE for the Trinamic Motion Control Language (TMCL) is downloadable for free. Using predefined TMCL high level commands like „move to position" a rapid and fast development of motion control applications is guaranteed. Communication traffic is kept low since all time critical operations, e.g. ramp calculation are performed on board. Full remote control of device with feedback is possible. The firmware of the module can be updated via the serial interface.

 Product State:  active  active
 Holding Torque:  60mNm  120mNm
 Flange Metric:  28mm  28mm
 Flange NEMA:  11  11
 Interfaces:  RS485, Step / Direction  RS485, Step / Direction, TMCL
 Protocols:  TMCL  TMCL
 Supported Motor Type:  Stepper  Stepper
 Microstep Resolution:  1...256  1...256
 Velocity Ramps:  trapezoidal  trapezoidal
 Motor Supply:  9...28V  9...28V
 Length:  32mm  51mm
 Width:  28mm  28mm
 Height:  28mm  28mm


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Trinamic - PD-1021