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Printed Motor Works - GPG Series - Brushed Pancake Motor

Brushed GPG Series Pancake Motors

The GPG9 and GPG12 series combine the GP series with a fully integrated slim gearbox (G) to make a compact,lightweight and durable motor gearbox combination. The GPG series provides a high quality,low cost solution to suit a vast array of applications. To provide maximum selection flexibility,the GPG9 is available with 2 gear ratios while the GPG12 is available with 8 alternative gear ratios from 206:1 to 10:1 each with 4 motor models to suit voltages from zero V to a maximum of 60V. An optional encoder or brake can also be externally fitted to the rear of the motor to provide a feedback control loop or simple safety feature.


 GPG9 Series


 GPG12 Series

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Printed Motor Works - GPG Series Pancake Motor