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Printed Motor Works - IR Series - Brushless Pancake Motor

IR Series Brushless Pancake Motors 

The IR Series is a compact brushless DC motor with a conventional internal rotor design but with very high slot fill resulting in class leading torque density. We offer two standard sizes,based on stack diameter,the IR9 and IR16 with a range of standard windings and stack lengths. If these standard solutions don't meet your requirements we will work with you to develop a specification perfectly optimised for your application. Printed Motor Works' maximum slot fill manufacturing techniques and access to powerful grades of magnets means that we can optimise your motor to 94% efficiency at your load point. The parameters for motor optimisation are:speed,voltage,torque,efficiency,cogging torque and thermal performance. Applications for the IR Series flat DC motors include automatic door opening systems,aerospace & defence robotics,paper handling,autonomous vehicle testing for the automotive industry.

 IR9 Series


 IR9 Series Hollow Bore


 IR16 Series

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Printed Motor Works - IR Series Pancake Motors